If you have experienced a death in the family, you may feel at a loss what to do next. You may know you need the support of a funeral care professional but may not know exactly what services you want them to help you carry out. When faced with this service dilemma about whether to hold a funeral or cremation in Starke, FL, there are a few things to help you evaluate your options.

Here at Ferreira Funeral Services and Archie Tanner Memorial Chapel, our staff understands that every family has unique needs and preferences when it comes to funeral care. So much of what a family chooses to do depends on their cultures and traditions, their world view, and values. It also depends heavily on the wishes of the deceased, if known.

In that context, we seek to help families to plan and conduct a service type that is fitting of their needs. As a full-service funeral care provider, we can offer traditional funerals with burial, as well as cremation care and internment in a mausoleum or columbarium. If preferred there is also the option to keep the ashes in an urn in your own home. There is also the possibility of scattering in a special place. Given all of these choices, how do you choose what is best for your family and your fallen loved one?

You can discuss that question in detail with one of our professionals to listen and provide guidance and suggestions, but in the meantime, here are a few points to think about as you consider your options:

Benefits of Traditional Funeral Care

A funeral service in traditional fashion can be a very emotional yet healing experience. Typically, these services include a wake or viewing, a funeral service, and a graveside ceremony or final committal.

  • Wake or Viewing: Sometimes, this is also referred to as a visitation. Friends and family members gather to pay their respects to the deceased and the immediate family. The body of the deceased is present and has been embalmed, groomed, and dressed for their funeral. Gathering as a community of support is a powerful experience. It provides a sense of togetherness, helping individuals to not feel so alone in their grief. Death and loss are not as heavy when there are others to help you carry your sorrow.

  • Funeral Service: After the viewing, a funeral service is often held where family and community gather to remember the life story, character, experiences, and accomplishments of the deceased. It may include readings and words of comfort. Many funerals in Starke, FL include elements of religious expression and ceremony, but these are not required. Other funerals are celebratory, remembering a life well lived and loved.

  • Graveside Ceremony: Families sometimes choose to reserve this as a private ceremony for relatives only, but many also elect to invite all who knew and loved the deceased. The act of committing the mortal remains to the earth is a moment evoking a conclusive goodbye. It is powerful to take part in the lowering of the casket and to witness as a loved one is laid to final rest. It reminds all of us that life and breath is a privilege, and we must make the most of it while we live. A gravestone marks the place where our loved one lays, where we can return and visit the fallen.

Benefits of Cremation Care in Starke, FL

Cremations provide flexibility of cost and disposition that casket burial does not. They are an excellent alternative to a traditional funeral burial.

  • Less Expensive: If budget is limited, cremation is less costly than a burial. For survivors, the costs of life must go on. Saving money is a smart way to go.

  • Environmentally Preferable: If cremation is done directly, there is much less impact on the planet. No embalming chemicals are used in this scenario, unless your family requires a viewing before cremation. Without a casket and burial vault, there are fewer metals, materials, and funeral goods placed in the earth.

  • Movability: After the mortal remains of the deceased are cremated, their body is reduced to ashes. These ashes are typically placed into an urn, where they can be moved as needed. If your family were to move away from the area, you could take the ashes with you, unlike a loved one buried in the earth. You can also choose to take the ashes of your loved one to a special place for scattering where appropriate.

  • Memorial Remembrance: A memorial can take place much later than the time of death, giving you time to prepare.

Whatever your family chooses, Ferreira Funeral Services and Archie Tanner Memorial Chapel stand ready to help. Whether you need funeral or cremation support in Starke, FL, let our compassionate funeral care team serve you in your time of need. Our funeral home is at 14397 US Highway 301 S Starke, FL 32091. Call us today at (904) 964-5757.

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